What the Rumored “Facebook Phone” Would Mean for Marketers

What the Rumored “Facebook Phone” Would Mean for Marketers

Facebook Phone Marketing Impact

According to TechCrunch, the social media powerhouse, Facebook, has invited the press to “come see our new home on Android.” Rumors suggest that this “new home on Android” is the long-rumored release of the Facebook Phone. While we won’t know if this rumor is true until the April 4th event, we must be aware of the implications the Facebook Phone would have on Marketers.

Increased Data Collection

Rumor has it that those who have seen the Facebook Phone say it looks very similar to the iPhone. Well, then why would Facebook focus its attention on building a phone or even a modified OS? Perhaps it is for increased data collection. TechCrunch supported that hypothesis when it suggested that “With deeper control of a modified operating system would come huge opportunities to collect data on its users. Facebook knows that who you SMS and call are important indicators of who your closest friends are.”

Sounds creepy right? Although I’m not a fan of Facebook scanning my text messages, I do see their strategy in removing the data collection barrier by eliminating the need for users to tap the app icon on their phones before the data collection process could start.

More Targeted Marketing

With even more data available on users, the more targeted our Marketing efforts can be. This is great news for Marketers! Ad targeting tools will become even more precise for those of you who advertise on Facebook. Remember, conversion rates increase the more targeted the Marketing message is.

Facebook Is Now Even More Important

The long-term relevance of Facebook is a common debate in the Marketing world. If the Facebook Phone is what it’s rumored to be; I think it only increases its market share and long-term importance. Facebook would no longer be an “opt-in” type of data collector, but rather an all-encompassing force of data collection.

If the Facebook Phone rumors are true, it is good news for Marketers. Do you think the Facebook Phone would be successful in the market today?

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