We Knew We Loved This Business For A Reason

We Knew We Loved This Business For A Reason

Recently, one of our team came across a blog post by Christine Champagne at FastCo.Create. It talked about a research study on subject near and dear to us: Advertising and Marketing Folks and how they might differ from “Normal” people. Since much of our business comes from these folks, we were quite interested in the findings.

Two main findings intrigued us:

Advertising and Marketing people use social media substantially more than other folks. And, they appear to be early adapters (big surprise, eh?) with much higher percentages having accounts on newer platforms like Spotify, Instagram and Pintrest. Our clients appear to fit this mold, and we’re beginning to see more research opportunities ourselves using data from these sources.

Ad folks pay more attention to brand messages than other people do. This one should be no surprise – most of us tend to notice messaging that applies to what we do, and when what we do is create messaging, we tend to notice it all. The creative types surveyed also reported much higher response rates to online advertisements. And, the advertising people notice and talk about campaigns that most of the rest of us don’t recall (can anyone quote a line from Burger King’s “Subservient Chicken” campaign?). This quality is particularly endearing – we think it makes them excellent research customers once they realize that not everyone recalls advertising as well as they do.

There are more findings in the original blog post, but to see those, you’ll have to go read it.

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