Using Concept Testing to Make Your Customers Happy

Using Concept Testing to Make Your Customers Happy

Utilizing Concept Testing

We all love happy customers right? We also know that a satisfied customer is a happy customer. So how do we know the best way to satisfy our customers? That’s where concept testing is extremely valuable. Concept testing can simply be defined as the process of evaluating consumer response to a product, brand, or idea before it’s been introduced to the market. It provides a quick and easy way to improve your product, identify potential problems or flaws, and make sure your image or brand is properly targeted. Online surveys and focus groups are some of the most common concept-testing tools. Let’s look at a few ways you can be applying the art of concept testing; and ultimately make your customers happy.

Advertising Copy

Do you know if your product’s messaging is effective before you launch your campaign? Different conjoint analysis tools can help you break down your messaging, element by element; and help you piece together the most effective message.

Product Development

Along with identifying the right message to reach your audience, are you developing the right product to solve their needs? Conjoint analysis can be used in a similar way as messaging to help construct the best possible product. By isolating the product features and consumer needs, you can begin to see which product elements are most important and which elements work best together.


As the role between businesses and consumers continues to change, we’ve seen the importance of content take center stage. Content is an effective way to provide value to your prospects and customers. A simple survey or analysis of which types of content are performing the best can help you align your content strategy around what your audience is most interested in.

Website Design

Website usability and design can have a dramatic impact on the user experience. I’ve been to countless sites that are so hard to navigate that I don’t know where to click first. Not a great first impression. Through simple A/B testing you can determine the optimal color scheme and function for the end user.

Sometimes finding out what makes your customer happy is as simple as asking them. Picture the famous scene with Alec Baldwin in Glengarry Glenn Ross when he screams “always be closing” and replace it with “always be testing”. It will make everyone happier.

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