Top Problems Advertising Agencies are Facing Today

Top Problems Advertising Agencies are Facing Today

Top Advertising Agency Demands

Whether it’s economical or not, sometimes advertising agencies are asked to be the “ultimate handy-man” and fix any problem (regardless of whether it’s their strength as an agency or not). Although we recognize the wide range of tasks thrown towards agencies, we’ve also noticed some tendencies, or reoccurring client demands. Combining our experience on the agency side along with the consistent demand we have from agencies in these areas, let’s take a look at some of the top problems advertising agencies are facing today.

Today is the release of our video series, MRX Minute (Market Research Minute). In our first episode we touch directly on this topic. We’ll be officially announcing the release of our video series later this week so stay tuned or subscribe to our blog or YouTube channel so you don’t miss the announcement. Ok, commercial OVER. Watch the video.

Who is my best target audience?

This problem may seem like the most obvious, but it’s the most important. Clients want to know their investment is being applied to the most appropriate audience, maximizing their dollars.


Demographic profiling of their current customers and inspect for “look-a-likes”, people who look like their customer to help identify them in the marketplace.

How should I best reach them?

What clients really want to know here is, “what are the specific areas I need to be investing in?” They need help identifying the best channels to reach their audience, both traditional and digital channels.


Conduct a Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI) analysis to help determine what marketing efforts and channels are producing the highest return (best bang for their buck).

What should I say to them?

You may be targeting the right end-consumer, but if your message is flawed, it won’t matter. Do you know if you’re giving the most effective message to your audience? If you’d like to learn more about the specifics, check out our blog about how to test messaging before you launch a campaign.


There are many different message testing techniques out there but we highly recommend any tool rooted in conjoint analysis methodology. We use a tool called IdeaMap®, which allows you to build messaging from the ground up, but we recommend any tool that builds messaging though stimulus response. In other words, identifying which messaging elements are most effective through choice-based analysis.

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