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What is IdeaMap®?

IdeaMap® is an online concept development and evaluation tool that, unlike traditional methods, builds messaging concepts from the bottom-up. IdeaMap’s methodology is rooted in conjoint — or trade-off — analysis. Conjoint analysis is a “choice” based research technique…where the respondent is asked to do what they do best…and what they do in a real purchase situation…choose.

How does IdeaMap® work?

Utilizing an empirical design, IdeaMap® parses the motivational power of individual concept elements, and identifies the strongest combination of ideas, messages and/or visuals. The outcome is a statistically-reliable answer that identifies the most motivating ideas as well as the best way(s) to express those ideas.

IdeaMap® Process

  1. Raw Materials: A set of “idea components” or “elements” is collected by the team.
  2. Systematic Design: “Concepts” — combinations of systematically varied elements are developed and presented to the target audience as holistic ideas in an online research environment.
  3. Online Study: Targeted customers are invited via e-mail to participate in an online opinion study, and simply indicate their preferences using a single 9-point rating scale.
  4. Pattern Discovery: Statistical analyses derive the individual contribution of each element to messages that are motivating.

The most motivating messaging elements become the building blocks for a concept. Alternative combinations of elements can be evaluated among key segments.

The Value of IdeaMap®

Once an IdeaMap® is completed, marketers have the assurance that they are starting with the optimally motivating concept. In addition, by quantitatively optimizing ideas and messaging with their intended target audience(s), marketers know that their campaign will be effective. Creative briefs can become much more focused, more consumer/customer-centric and more persuasive and motivating. (One of our Agency Clients brags at being able to develop “creative briefs on steroids.”)

When Do You Use IdeaMap®?

In general, IdeaMap® is a useful tool when you are seeking to optimize a product or service – whether it is the feature set of the product/service itself, or the messaging of that product/service – including positioning, features/benefits, price point, etc.

Examples of projects where IdeaMap® offered insights:

  • How should a leading technology manufacturer position their portfolio of services and support to drive hardware purchases?
  • What is the optimal feature set and price point combination for an electric pencil sharpener company to offer at 3 price levels – good, better and best?
  • How should a quality award agency describe their award and how should it be renamed to make it a more coveted award?

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