Hyper Research

What is HyperResearch?

HyperResearch is a text analysis tool for evaluating and interpreting what people actually said in focus groups– not what a moderator “thinks” they heard. By indexing the content of focus groups, links between the main ideas and supporting themes can be defined.

How HyperResearch works

Using a customized codebook that is developed for each engagement, a team of analysts will review transcripts of the focus groups and essentially hyperlink each thought back to one of the codes or themes. Using this concordance, we can quickly and easily compare and contrast how different groups reacted to each of the focus group discussion topics.

When do you use HyperResearch?

We recommend using a structured analysis approach for every qualitative project – focus groups, 1-on-1 interviews, ethnographic observations/interviews, etc. This structured approach that HyperResearch helps enable is important to minimize the analyst’s own subconscious biases when analyzing and interpreting qualitative data.

Advantages of HyperResearch

One of the key advantages of HyperResearch is its flexibility; data can be collected in one-on-one interviews, focus groups, online chats or even live events. HyperResearch also organizes qualitative data quickly in an uncomplicated format and minimizes analyst’s biases.

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