What is brandDelphi™?

brandDelphi™ is an online idea generation tool designed to solicit a wide range of ideas and to identify the strongest ones, based on their importance and relevance.

It is a proprietary tool that incorporates elements of both qualitative and quantitative research approaches. It focuses on obtaining input from respondents in their own words. brandDelphi™ provides insights that are the equivalent of multiple focus groups, but eliminates the well-known “Group-Think” dynamic which naturally occurs in groups.

brandDelphi™ can address these types of questions (in consumer language!):

  • What do customers, former customers and prospects think about my products or services?
  • In what areas does the product/service need improvement?
  • What are some ideas for improvement?
  • How can I best position my product/service?
  • What motivates someone to purchase my product/service?

The benefits of brandDelphi™ include:

  • The creation of a large number of ideas in a fairly short amount of time
  • The iterative design means participants can build on each other’s ideas
  • It provides direction for further idea development
  • It allows for team participation…both internal and external audiences if desired
  • It is anonymous…ownership of an idea does not matter or influence others’ reactions
  • It facilitates buy-in by the organization

The brandDelphi™ process utilizes two metrics:

Importance: The importance metric is a “stated” measure that is based on response to the test questions. It is measured on a nine-point scale and reported as an arithmetic mean.

Relevance: Relevance is determined by a “derived” measure that is based on the number of times that an idea is selected versus the number of times that it is exposed. It is reported as a percentage.

brandDelphi™ Process

  1. Consumers are invited to dialogue’ online around specific scenarios
  2. They express their ideas and review the opinions of other consumers
  3. The system retains the most promising ideas dynamically –the ideas are classified according to their importance and relevance among consumers

When do you use brandDelphi™?

In general, brandDelphi™ is a useful tool when you feel you do not know enough and are seeking a deeper understanding or want to increase the quantity of ideas under consideration.

brandDelphi™ brings external audiences (eg: consumers, customers, client organization, salesforce, etc.) and their unique perspectives into the brainstorming process.

Examples of projects where brandDelphi™ offered insights:

  • How would owners of a PC describe the perfect PC? Insight was used by a leading technology products manufacturer to guide product development and innovations in service and support.
  • What are the most frustrating aspects of cleaning your house? Used by a leading household appliance manufacturer to identify unmet needs.
  • What are the key elements of an ideal vacation experience? Used by a timeshare provider to design a membership package.

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