Maximize Brand Relationships

We understand that specific messaging elements have varied impact when applied to different brands. Identifying which elements synergize with your brand vs. your competitors will enable you to not only optimize your messaging but also to develop an optimal positioning strategy.

How do we maximize brand relationships?

We use a methodology coined Brand Impact Analysis (BIA). In order to determine a brand’s impact on messaging, we utilize a proprietary online concept evaluation tool called IdeaMap®, which tests key brand names in combination with other marketing elements.

Traditionally, brand name evaluation is performed utilizing direct Q&A oriented methodologies such as surveys and focus groups. The concern with these approaches is that participants ‘over-intellectualize’ the many ways that a brand name can impact consumer purchase intent.

IdeaMap® is based on a rigorous design that does not require respondents to react to a brand name in a rational manner. Instead, IdeaMap® links the presence or absence of the various elements – including brand names – to ratings based on a pattern of responses. By examining how the presence or absence of a brand name impacts the persuasive contribution of other study elements, we are able to analytically measure the interactive effects between brands and other study elements.

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