Know Your Customers

What does it mean to Know Your Customers?

Everyone wants to know their customers better, but often don’t understand what that means or how to accomplish this.

We understand that to accurately know your customers, you must first know where they come from and what motivates them. Combining customer motivations along with demographics can help you identify who your customers truly are.

While certain messaging elements can have an impact on customers overall, the highest value comes from identifying which exact combination of elements have the greatest impact on specific segments of your audience.

Ok, so how do I do this?

The information you need to know your customers better is at your fingertips. The days of following your best instincts are gone.

Through advanced market research (and/or data analytics) techniques you can confidently understand what factors are most motivating to your customers. These underlying motivators can be uncovered by asking the right questions and listening.

Asking the Right Questions

The key to knowing your customers is being able to ask the right questions and effectively listening to their responses. Seems pretty simple right? The challenge is asking them a question in a way that uncovers the true motivation behind their answer. Simply asking someone whether they’d choose A or B doesn’t provide insights into the motivation behind the answer. Not only do you need to ask the right question but it’s important how the question is framed.


Listening to the responses is equally as important as asking the right questions. Depending on how much data you’re dealing with, the listening process can be overwhelming. That’s why there are systems in place allowing you to easily understand the responses and what they mean for your company.

Several factors come into play when analyzing customer responses, such as context, actions, and word choice (or language uses). It’s important to systemize and analyze the responses in a way that provide actionable insights. Our goal is to amplify the voice of the customer, enabling you to know them better.

Methods We Use to Help You Know Your Customers Better:

Qualitative approaches: Projective techniques, role-playing, word association
Quantitative approaches: brandDelphi™

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