Identify New Opportunities

Crowdsourcing is a popular method for brainstorming new ideas by leveraging the “wisdom of the crowd.” Crowdsourcing or Ideation are buzzwords often thrown around, but for us, this type of research is part of an overall philosophy that we’ve been practicing for years. We call it the Diamond Principle.

Diamond Principle

Often when companies try to solve problems they identify the problem and look to solve it with one of their known solutions. Rather than going from point A to point B, we approach this situation differently. We find the problem, look for a wide array of solutions, and then narrow down the possibilities until we achieve an optimal solution.

Crowdsourcing represents the top half of the diamond. Crowdsourcing expands your thinking by generating a wide range of ideas from a diverse crowd.

diamondCrowdsourcing Tools

We spent years combing the literature on the creative process. Our goal was to better understand how an effective creative process works in order to transform these learnings into a powerful crowdsourcing tool. After discovering the “secret sauce” of creative ideation, we realized this tool didn’t exist in the market, so we created it ourselves.

Meet coLABorate™…..


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