Identify the New Market(s) With The Best Opportunity
(Market Sizing)

Would you like to expand to new markets?

To support expansion into a new market, you need to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of the competitors already serving consumers there. Specifically, you need to understand the competitive products, their pricing compared to you, and if possible, the market share of each.


A Market Sizing study using secondary research techniques. This study will consist of several components, as follows.

Competitive Product and Pricing Review

  • Identify and include any other competitors currently serving the market. Each competitor’s product/service will be compared to your closest applicable product/service.
  • Prepare a report showing each competing product/service, highlighting any of your advantages or disadvantages.

Market Size and Growth Potential

The primary objective for this research is to provide a broad base understanding of the commercial and residential markets through research into the statistics, trends and competitive landscape of your industry.


To meet these objectives, Optimization Group recommends a tiered approach to this project:


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