Idea Generation & Optimization

Diamond Philosophy

Often when companies try to solve problems they identify the problem and look to solve it with one of their known solutions. Rather than going from point A to point B, we approach this situation differently. We find the problem and look for a wide array of solutions and then narrow down the possibilities until we achieve an optimal solution.

For example, we often help our clients generate ideas (expanding the range of possible solutions) and optimize ideas (reducing the range of solutions to identify the optimal solution).

What is Idea Generation?

In general, Idea Generation is the process of generating a wide range of ideas! But in business, we often are unable to think too far outside of the box – we’re too close to the trees to see the forest. Optimization Group uses a number of tools which facilitate the generation of lots of ideas by consumers and in their own language. The objective is to create a volume of insights and ideas.

Why is Idea Generation Important?

Idea Generation is important because it enables you to expand your range of ideas beyond your current range of thinking. We believe that you must first expand thinking to include more questions, more variables, and more ideas before you begin the refinement process. The final idea chosen is only as good as the potential ideas available.

What is Idea Optimization?

Idea Optimization is refining a pool of ideas and identifying the specific elements of an idea which generates the greatest impact. We believe that once the range of ideas has been expanded (Idea Generation), it’s essential to understand which of the ideas has the highest relevance, importance and persuasion for your brand or product.

How does it work?

To do this, we use an online concept development tool called IdeaMap®. IdeaMap® is rooted in conjoint analysis and allows you to understand the elements of most importance by asking people to react to a series of concepts developed from individual elements. Strategically calculated variations of elements are shown as one offer and participants are asked to rate how likely they are to choose the offer. IdeaMap® is able to decipher which elements are having the greatest impact.

Why is Idea Optimization Important?

Idea Optimization is important because it focuses your pool of ideas down to the most impactful ideas.

“The diamond” is a metaphor for how we think. Idea Generation is part of the expansion phase, giving us many more ideas to consider and develop. Idea Optimization is part of the reduction phase, giving us the sub-set which maximizes the desired outcome … such as “purchase intent.”

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