Optimization Group Helps The Department Of Commerce Define Quality

Optimization Group Helps The Department Of Commerce Define Quality

The Baldrige National Quality Program announced recently that, based on research provided by the Optimization Group, the program is changing its name to the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program.

The newly-named Baldrige Performance Excellence Program is part of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), an agency of the United States Department of Commerce. The program was developed over 20 years ago to recognize organizations that exemplify product, service, and customer quality. The name change was prompted by changes in the field of quality. The Optimization Group, in partnership with Sterling Park Group, was selected to help NIST better understand these changes and define a new name for the program.

As part of the research, Optimization Group implemented IdeaLoopz™, a propriety research tool that allows participants to brainstorm new ideas and evaluate marketing messages in an online environment.

“We were excited to be chosen to partner with NIST for this important program,” said Jeff Ewald, President and Founder of Optimization Group. “The IdeaLoopz process provided great direct feedback from constituents and helped to clearly define what quality means in today’s marketplace.”

In addition to redefining quality, the Optimization Group helped the Baldrige program define and test potential names. The research resulted in the selection of a new name for the program. The new name was announced this week following federal approval.

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