Optimization Group enjoys relationships with strategic partners who provide innovative solutions to companies around the world. We understand our strengths and weaknesses; and are always looking for partners who provide extra value to our clients. Not only have our partnerships been successful but we’re proud of the relationships we have with our partners. Please contact us today if you would like to know more about partnering with us.


MarketNet develops lead management software for the complex channel sale helping their clients’ channel partners close more sales and prove ROI for every marketing campaign.

The Brand Consultancy

The Brand Consultancy’s expertise spans a myriad of industries and brand issues, large and small, that get in the way of competitive advantage and profitable growth. We believe your brand is your reputation and it should be in service of helping you achieve your strategic and financial goals.

Sterling Park Group

All businesses face challenges in building strong customer franchises. Sterling Park Group marketing consulting brings new insights and the skills needed to create business solutions.


MineTech is an international marketing analytics firm. We support all of our client’s data needs from data acquisition to dashboard applications and just about everything in between. We find that firms of all sizes struggle with various data issues and we help them adapt to their past legacy systems, present personnel and budgets and future needs and wish lists!


Skuuber® is a revolutionary online tool for consumer packaged goods (CPG) marketers to quickly and effectively understand the market potential for new, existing or competitive items at the SKU level.
Clients can create and launch their project in under 15 minutes at, get input from 1500 consumers combined with algorithmic demand modeling and have results back in days—all at a cost about half that of a 10 person focus group.


Princeton Partners is an integrated brand-marketing agency. Using smart, integrated marketing strategies and big creative ideas, we help our clients achieve their business goals by developing sustainable strategic communications that drive business success.

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