OG Contest Winner Hits Broadway

OG Contest Winner Hits Broadway

The Sweet Sounds of Good Research

This January Marcia Wasser, EVP/CMO at Source Communications, was the winner of the Ad Agency Hub Contest. The contest asked people to submit a powerful example of how they used research to help a client succeed. Marcia’s example stood above the rest and showed how good research can be leveraged. Along with her agency (Source Communications) becoming the latest “Agency of the Month” on the Ad Agency Hub, Marcia received two tickets to her favorite concert. She decided to take her prize to the streets of Broadway and attend the contemporary new musical ‘If/Then’, featuring Tony Award winner Idina Menzel in a story that traces a woman’s parellel lives.

If you’d like to see Marcia’s case study and check out a variety of resources designed to help agencies get the most out of research for their clients, check out the Ad Agency Hub.

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