Mindtyping: Increasing Response Through Message Optimization

Mindtyping: Increasing Response Through Message Optimization

Earlier this week a client joked that she is working on her Black Belt in IdeaMap®, an online message optimization tool popular with our clients.

For those unfamiliar with IdeaMap®, it is an online tool rooted in decision based conjoint…or trade-off…analysis. It recognizes that when people make decisions they are “trading-off” bundles of attributes against each other and models the trade-offs they are willing to make.

An IdeaMap® study will reveal naturally occurring groups of consumers – groups who are motivated by the same messages. We may find one segment motivated by emotional benefits and another segment motivated by facts and figures. We call this MindTyping™…knowing which segment a consumer is in.

At its inception IdeaMap® was limited to the effect on intent of each message individually.

Then came the Interactive Effects Analysis™, an analysis developed to identify the most powerful combinations of messages – maybe a feature + benefit or brand promise + brand name. Marketing communications are generally a mix of messages that tell a story, this analysis helps clients optimize the mix.

Not one to rest on our laurels…what about when a client wants to go beyond the optimal message to the target overall or key subgroups? These clients want to know the optimal message for Consumer A (maybe an emotional benefit) and the optimal message for Consumer B (maybe facts and figures).

In our work with the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women campaign the AHA increased donations by 42.5% when they were able to identify which segment a consumer was in, then deliver a segment specific message to them. It’s all about getting the right message to the right person at the right time.

MindTyping™ represents the next evolution of IdeaMap®.

Maybe we will have to start referring to this new IdeaMap® capability as Black Belt Plus!

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