What is a Dashboard?

In simple terms, a dashboard is visual representation of an organization’s data that allows you to conceptualize and monitor business processes. Dashboards make it easy to understand complex data relationships and identify problems long before they can get out of control.

What is the Value?

At a high level, dashboards enable you to:

  • Distinguish the source of your current problem by visually representing the data correlations between higher level desired outcomes and the tactics which drive those outcomes.
  • Prevent future problems by triggering alerts when elements reach a specific threshold or if something isn’t functioning in the intended way.
  • Monitor key attributes and/or measures on a continual basis (i.e. Not just to give a notice that satisfaction is low, but also to help you visualize where you’re doing well).

Dashboards help you make informed decisions and get critical information to the critical people. These early-warning indicators give you a heads up that the ultimate outcome variable (i.e. Sales) is at risk.

How are we different?

A dashboard is only as valuable as its underlying structure. Without the proper set up, a dashboard will only illustrate the data but lack meaningful insights. Our dashboards are unique because we use data mining and predictive modeling methods to identify the variables of highest impact. We then structure dashboards in a way to provide actionable insight for your business. We also offer a suite of analytic and modeling tools, and will work with you in selecting the best approach for each task. In short, we’ve been around the block a few times and can help you identify what matters most for your business.

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