Brand Impact Analysis

What is Brand Impact Analysis?

In order to determine the strongest messaging architecture, it is important to understand how brand names impact the strength of specific messaging elements. Previous studies have concluded that certain messages may have different appeal if they are “attached” to one brand versus another. In other words, BIA measures brand equity – the leverage that accrues when your brand says something or makes a claim.

In order to determine a brand’s impact on messaging, we utilize a proprietary online concept evaluation tool called IdeaMap®, which tests key brand names in combination with other marketing elements.

How does it work?


By way of example, the following table shows technology brands. The effect of the brand name on the appeal of a marketing element (message, image, etc.) is determined as follows:

A combination of messaging elements are shown to consumers under a variety of brand names. The score for each element is calculated to reflect the interactive, or combination effect that each element has when presented together with each of the brand names

The resulting output looks like this…

Please note that, because of the specialized analytical approach used to conduct a BIA, we require somewhat larger sample sizes than for a typical IdeaMap® study. An Optimization Group project director will make specific sample size recommendations based on the unique requirements of your study.

The Value of Brand Impact Analysis

In addition to the main benefit of determining how your brand name impacts the persuasion/motivation value of various message elements, you can also measure how strongly elements are attached to competitive brands, and which elements are unclaimed in the industry. With this data, you can now make strategic decisions about which marketing ideas you want to attach to your brand (these become the basis for your brand’s differentiated selling proposition), and which marketing ideas you should avoid because they already “belong” to a competitor.

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