What Business Managers Actually Need from Market Research

Market researchers are continually being asked to define and occasionally to validate their contributions to the business process. Over the past fifty years the research industry has grown and evolved to the point where it can reliably provide eagerly awaited information about competitive market structures and customer wants/needs. Today businesses have come to rely on knowledge of the consumer, and the contribution of the knowledge and insights provider has become increasingly critical.

In this whitepaper, we’ve identified the specific information needs about consumers / customers that are voiced by business managers, and the type of customer information/insight that the business manager expects from different classes of marketing service professionals (market researchers, brand planners, graphic designers).

In this whitepaper you’ll learn about:

  • The history of Consumer Insights
  • Consumer Insights as a competitive advantage
  • Challenges regarding measurement of Insights professionals
  • Concept Response Segmentation- Identifying groups of individuals with like-minded responses
  • The role of process in a world of insight
  • What Business Managers actually need from Market Research

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