The Long-Term Impact of Marketing Investments

Marketing professionals have long held the belief that measuring the long-term impact of marketing investments is a lost cause. However, recent advances in the ability to disentangle the effect of a firm’s marketing investments allows managers to “see” the contribution that marketing investments make.

In this whitepaper, we look at an initiative involving the Marketing Accountability Standards Board (MASB), where important research about the financial impact of marketing investments is being initiated, disseminated and discussed.

In this whitepaper you’ll learn about:

  • Isolating the long-term effects of marketing investments from other long-term forces
  • The 6 channels long-term marketing effects come from
  • The effects of highly volatile marketing spending on overall financial performance
  • The effect increased marketing investment has on the value of companies

As data streams become more available, tracking the long-term impact of your marketing efforts is now a reality. Statistically disentangling the effects from marketing investments can have a substantial impact on your future marketing spending. Take advantage of this valuable information and learn how to measure your long-term marketing investments by downloading your FREE copy of The Long-term Impact of Marketing Investments today by simply filling out the form below!


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