Return On Marketing Investment Whitepaper
Have you ever wondered how your marketing investments are performing?

A Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI) analysis helps organizations understand the effectiveness of their marketing spending. A ROMI analysis goes beyond traditional Media-Mix Modeling (MMM) and provides a model that more accurately reflects your marketing environment. The benefit of this knowledge is that it allows marketers to focus their dollars on programs that provide the greatest return.

In this whitepaper we’ve included:

  • An explanation of what ROMI is and how it’s different from traditional Media-Mix Modeling (MMM)
  • A case study
  • Access to a demo simulator and tutorial


Common questions addressed through ROMI:

  • Are my marketing efforts working?
  • Where should I spend my next marketing dollar?
  • Have I reached minimum / maximum spending thresholds for media X?
  • What marketing efforts “work better together” than individually?
  • How does the effectiveness of my marketing activities change as market conditions change?
  • What are the key drivers of underlying demand?
  • If I can’t control them, then what are the impacts on sales, and what can I do to counter negative demand drivers?
  • Am I spending at the optimal level (total spend)?


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