Optimizing Your Messaging for Success

As marketers, you understand the impact messaging can have on a product or brand. But how do you really measure the effect of messaging? We have good news. The effectiveness of your messaging can be measured through IdeaMap, a tool rooted in decision based conjoint — or trade-off—analysis.

Conjoint analysis is based on the fact that customers make purchase decisions based on value judgments of various names, offers, claims, performance and convenience attributes, price points, etc. These judgments are shaped by the perceptions that customers currently hold and by their reaction to messages to which they are exposed. In this whitepaper, we’ll take a deeper look into the IdeaMap® tool and how you can optimize your messaging through the power of conjoint analysis.

In this whitepaper you’ll learn about:

  • Conjoint analysis
  • Rule Developing Experimentation (RDE)
  • The IdeaMap® process
  • How to use IdeaMap® to optimize messaging

Understanding which elements of your messaging have the most impact will allow you to optimize your messaging around what really works and avoid what’s not working. Learn how to do this effectively by downloading your FREE copy of Optimizing Your Messaging for Success by filling out the form below today!


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