How to Effectively Measure Brand Strategy

In today’s world the consumer is flooded with advertising and promotion designed to generate both immediate purchase and to create a favorable positioning for the long term. Delivery on performance is vital, but positioning is critical as well. But how do you really measure the success of brand positioning?

One way to understand the positioning of a brand through its messages uses the research procedure known as conjoint analysis. This method deconstructs the elements from messaging and identifies the elements of greatest impact. In other words, it measures what’s working and what’s not. In this whitepaper we’ll look at how to best measure brand strategy and examine a case study of an Automobile company deconstructing their own messaging and that from 6 other vehicle models.

In this whitepaper you’ll learn about:

  • Uncovering brand strategies by understanding consumer responses to their communications
  • Deconstructing messaging to learn what works
  • Segmenting consumers and the problem of direct applicability
  • How an Automobile company measured the effectiveness of messaging on 6 vehicle models

Messaging can make or break a product. As you begin to construct the messaging around your next campaign, make sure you know which elements are truly impacting your bottom line. Don’t make the mistake of using your best guess when you can quantifiably measure the success by deconstructing messaging elements and measuring impact. Take the easy first step and download your FREE copy of How to Effectively Measure Brand Strategy by filling out the form below today!


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