How International Companies Can Optimize Concept Development

Conjoint analysis is a widely used Market Research method in the concept development process. In most cases, communications or concept research is conducted within a country’s geographic borders. But what if you wanted to conduct a world-wide or multi-country concept study using conjoint analysis? How would that be consistently measured?

This is exactly what we set out to tackle in our study of a FMCG product. In the process of our exercise to understand the features and communications of a food product across many countries, we uncovered an organizing principal to help us understand consumers worldwide and developed a unique database that could be used by a company again and again for product development.

In this whitepaper you’ll learn about:

  • How to structure a multi-country conjoint study
  • The role of Consumer Research in multi-cultural concept development
  • Eight keys ‘learnings’ and observations emerging from creating concepts from the ‘bottom up’
  • A real-life case study involving a FMCG company developing a multi-cultural concept development process

This whitepaper is invaluable for companies looking to optimize and organize their multi-national/multi-cultural concept development and testing. Sit back and enjoy learning from our experiences and findings by simply filling out the form to download your FREE copy of How International Companies Can Optimize Concept Development

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