Driving Innovation in a Corporate World

The process of corporate innovation is often left to outside consultants and internal/external teams specializing in the invention process. Market researchers are all too often neglected in this process, even though the newly emerging tools of researchers have been proven to accelerate innovation. As companies look for outside help, the innovation process can often become fragmented. Inside this whitepaper, we’ll take a close look at how companies can systemize innovation and demonstrate the integration of current tools into a flexible innovation system.

In this whitepaper you’ll learn about:

  • Creating Marketing Research toolboxes for Innovation
  • Ideas as a combination of function and form
  • The paradigm shift of systemized Innovation
  • A case study on systemized innovation in the food industry
  • Concept Development and optimization of products using the most promising and relevant elements

As your company continues to grow and innovate, it’s important that you develop a systemized innovation plan. This ground breaking approach to corporate innovation will help save your company valuable time and effort in today’s fast moving world of innovation. Take the first step today by downloading your FREE copy of Driving Innovation in a Corporate World by simply filling out the form.


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