What Sticks
By Rex Briggs and Greg Stuart

A Little Background

What Sticks is a buzz-worthy new marketing book. A Google search of the title and subhead produced 275,000 results. Nineteen customer reviews on amazon.com gave it 3 .5 out of five stars.

The front cover quote from Steven D. Levitt (author of Freakonomics) proclaims What Sticks: “A rarity among advertising and marketing books.”

The first sentence of the publisher’s comments says:

“What Sticks is the one book that explains exactly how marketing and advertising works today, based on new insights from analysis of over $1 billion worth of advertising.”

They also call Marketing Evolution, the firm Rex Briggs founded:

“…the leading marketing effectiveness research and consulting firm….”

These are impressive quotes and claims. And since OG operates in the same space as Marketing Evolution, we are particularly interested in What Sticks has to say, and how they do what they do.

That’s why we’re sharing our point-of-view with you.

Get the full review here.


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