Lessons from the iPhone 6 “Bendgate”

Lessons from the iPhone 6 “Bendgate”

Let’s start by stating the obvious – the internet can be an extremely valuable and educational tool. However, it can also be inaccurate and destructive. Then social media came along and amplified the whole game. For example, have you been following the story about the new iPhone 6 bending under pressure? Soon after the iPhone 6 was released, rumors spread on Mac forums and the YouTube channel Unbox Therapy published a video showing how the new phone bends. As of today the video has over 47 million views. In the eyes of the public, “perception is reality.” The public didn’t need a credible, authoritative source before making their judgment.

Two days ago Consumer Reports, a credible source, issued a scientifically based study on the strength of smartphones (including the iPhone 6) and their propensity to bend. The study showed that the iPhone 6 was not nearly as flexible as reported from a viral YouTube video. The report showed that the iPhone 6 holds less weight than most other smartphones but the weight is still such a substantial amount (80 pounds) that bending shouldn’t occur during daily use in a user’s pocket.

Like any good story there is an important lesson to be learned. We don’t know if Apple hit the panic button as these reports went around the web but this is a good reminder for businesses. Anecdotal evidence may be flashy, but you don’t want to bet your business on it. Real business decisions should be based on real research.

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