Financial Services

Optimization Group brings cutting-edge technology and in-depth knowledge to the Financial Services industry. With over 15 years of Financial Services marketing experience, we provide our clients with unmatched insight and actionable recommendations. Our team is particularly fluent in the areas of Retail Banking, Mortgage Banking, Online Banking, and Wholesale Banking.

Methods of Expertise

We understand that every problem is not solved by the same solution or method. Our methods of expertise in the Financial Services industry include:

  • Focus groups
  • Idea Generation
  • Conjoint Analysis
  • Statistical modeling
  • Surveys
  • Geo-demographic analysis
  • Product cross-sell models

Areas of Expertise

Whether you’re looking to understand where you should build more branch locations or how satisfied your customers are, our team will guide your business on the path to success. A few of the problems we’ve tackled in the Financial Services industry include:

  • Marketing Optimization – How should I communicate my selling proposition?
  • Brand Positioning – What brand positioning can I “own” vis-à-vis the competition?
  • Customer Satisfaction – How can I improve customer satisfaction?
  • Market Opportunity – Where should I build more branch locations?
  • Usability – How can I improve my website?


Optimization Group has worked with a wide range of audiences in the Financial Service industry. We’ve had the pleasure to work with:

  • Internal employees
  • Retail bank consumers
  • Mortgage securities buyers
  • Community bank presidents

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