Business Services

Optimization Group brings a powerful combination of intricate knowledge and groundbreaking capabilities to the Business Services industry. With years of Business Services marketing experience, we provide you with the critical knowledge necessary to make sound, strategic business decisions. Our team is particularly adept in working with the Federal Government, Professional Associations, and Financial/Insurance service organizations.

Methods of Expertise

We understand that every problem is not solved by the same solution or method. In the Business Services arena, we have utilized several techniques to help clients improve service delivery and increase customer acquisition/retention.

  • Focus Groups
  • Online Idea Generation
  • Conjoint
  • Online Surveys
  • Message Optimization

Areas of Expertise

Whether you’re looking to understand if your advertising campaign increased awareness or how your market defines quality, our team will guide your business on the path to success. A few of the problems we’ve tackled in the Business Services industry include:

  • Service Delivery Optimization – How does the market define quality?
  • Brand Awareness/Consideration – Has your advertising campaign increased awareness and consideration?
  • Customer/Member Satisfaction – What would make association membership more valuable?


Optimization Group has worked with multiple audiences in the Business Services industry. We’ve had the pleasure to work with:

  • Manufacturing – Quality Managers
  • Small/Medium Business – CFO/CEO’s, Owners
  • Temporary Employment Agencies
  • Accounting and CPA Firms
  • Logistics and Transportation Leadership Training Consultants

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