Optimization Group brings cutting-edge technology and unique insight to the Automotive industry. With over 12 years of Automotive marketing experience, we provide our clients with innovative solutions and actionable recommendations. Our team is particularly fluent in the areas of Marketing Communications Development for new and used vehicles.

Methods of Expertise

We understand that every problem is not solved by the same solution or method. Our methods of expertise in the Automotive industry include:

  • Conjoint Analysis
  • Attitude Awareness & Usage (AAU)
  • Focus Groups
  • Online Idea Generation
  • Geo-Demographic Analysis

Areas of Expertise

Whether you’re looking to understand consumer preference for a new vehicle’s option and package configuration or how satisfied your customers are, our team will guide your business on the path to success. A few of the problems we’ve tackled in the Automotive industry include:

  • New Product/Service Acceptance – Reaction of automotive dealership personnel to new marketing products
  • Strategic Research – Consumer reaction to a vehicle manufactured in third world countries
  • Product Concept Research – Consumer preference for a new vehicle’s option and package configuration
  • Product Concept Research – The interest level of franchised and impendent dealer principals to adopting a new imported vehicle line
  • Product Concept Research – What aspects of an OEM’s used vehicle program are most appealing to consumers?
  • Service Offering Evaluation – Evaluation of alternative service offerings for small fleet/commercial vehicle owners.


Optimization Group has worked with a wide range of audiences in the Automotive industry. We’ve had the pleasure to work with:

  • New and used vehicle consumers
  • Dealership personnel
  • Commercial vehicle buyers
  • Fleet operators

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