How to Test the Effectiveness of Your Ad: Before and After

How to Test the Effectiveness of Your Ad: Before and After

Why do Pre and Post Ad testing?

Advertising research is a staple of market research. It allows you to measure and improve marketing effectiveness, determine if an ad has effectively increased awareness, increased intent to purchase the product and improved reach of the target audience. Research that is conducted to measure the effectiveness of advertising is a valuable tool when developing and maintaining an advertising campaign. In an ideal situation, the best approach is to conduct a pre-ad study, to assess unaided and aided awareness of the specific product or service in order to achieve a benchmark measure prior to the advertising campaign. Following the launch of the advertising, a post-ad study is conducted to assess if the advertising has increased awareness of the brand or service, improved consumer interest in the product or service, and ultimately will determine if the advertising will draw in new consumers while maintaining its current ones.

What type of advertising can be included in a pre/post test?

This type of research can be conducted for any type of advertising campaign, including TV ads, radio spots, online ads and print. No matter the medium, the effectiveness of the ad can be assessed.

What do you recommend for methodology?

Every study is different—different target audiences can mean a different method of conducting the research. In some cases, for a more difficult to reach audience, in-person intercepts or phone interviews are conducted. However, the most cost effective and time efficient means of conducting the research is an online study.

When do I conduct the post-ad portion of the research?

You must allow the advertising to launch before you begin the post-ad research. Allow at least a few days of advertising prior to starting the post-ad research.

What is the result of the research?

Ultimately, advertising research will help you and your clients determine if the advertising is producing results. By measuring the effectiveness of the ad and comparing awareness of the product, brand or service (pre-ad vs. post-ad), clients can improve and change their advertising to meet their ultimate goal: produce great ads that are effective and reach the target audience.

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