Agency of the Month: LOOMIS Agency

Agency of the Month: LOOMIS Agency

LOOMIS: the voice of the underdog

Today we are excited to honor LOOMIS as the Advertising Agency Hub’s first “Agency of the Month”. The Advertising Agency Hub is a place for agencies to gain knowledge about how to use research to help their clients succeed. To learn more about the “Hub”, check out our official announcement. As a bunch of research nerds, we love to showcase the power of research. Each month we will highlight an Agency who “gets it” and share one of their success stories.

Agency Success Story: LOOMIS

LOOMIS partnered with Optimization Group to help their client, First United Bank, develop an in-depth understanding of how different customer segments value having a long-term, personal relationship with the bank versus a more transactional relationship.

Based on extensive qualitative explorations and a follow-on quantitative study, the appeal of a long-term relationship was confirmed among key identifiable segments. This insight transformed the bank’s entire customer service approach – those who appreciated personal interaction received it, while those who wanted a more anonymous and impersonal banking experience were provided tools to empower them to conduct transactions the way they wanted.

Messaging was developed and an IdeaMap® study conducted to optimize messaging for each of the target segments. LOOMIS developed messaging across a full range of touch points, and First United Bank supported a “Launch Campaign” as well as employee training to ensure that the new positioning would be executed at point of contact with the customer.

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