20 Tweetable Stats on the State of Market Research

20 Tweetable Stats on the State of Market Research

20 Tweetable Market Research Stats

As the Market Research industry has been thrust into the social media universe, what better way to celebrate than to give you “tweetable” stats about the state of the industry? These stats come from GreenBook’s 2013 Research Industry Trends Report. If you would like to know more about the report, check out our Key Takeaways from GreenBook’s 2013 Market Research Report.

Market Research Stats

71% of clients/suppliers blame budget restraints for the major changes in data collection

38% of clients increased market research spending in 2012

50% of clients/suppliers believe innovation is the best solution for overcoming data collection issues

95% of suppliers believe that listening well is the most important factor for clients when selecting suppliers

91% of clients site “knowledgeable staff” as the most important reason suppliers hire them

64% of companies had slight to strong growth in social media research in 2012

35% of companies saw an increase in data mining in 2012

60% of companies use focus groups as their primary qualitative research method

78% of companies use online surveys as their quantitative research method of choice

45% of companies plan to use online communities in the near future

42% of companies plan to use mobile surveys in the near future

44% of suppliers are skeptical that social media monitoring works

41% of companies believe that research gamification is the biggest hurdle to overcome in 2012

67% of suppliers believe the products/services they provide will be dramatically different 5 years from now

51% of clients see a need for more data collection experts in their organizations

30% of clients/suppliers would focus on mobile capabilities if they started a new research company today

33% of clients/suppliers say that understanding client needs should be the #1 selling point for new research companies

52% of research buyers use webinars to stay abreast on new research trends

73% of research suppliers provide social media monitoring or analysis

50% of research suppliers have been offering social media monitoring services for less than 2 years

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