12 Things We’ve Helped Clients With Lately

12 Things We’ve Helped Clients With Lately

In our previous blog we touched on the most important thing in market research – answering specific business questions. Today we’ll keep the same theme and look at a list of business questions that Optimization Group has helped clients with lately. We hope this list will give you insight into what questions other businesses are trying to answer and how they articulate these questions.

  1. Understand the opportunities and costs associated with a decision to either license or sell a new technology to a major distributor.
  2. Help prospective dog adopters identify the best dog match for their family’s lifestyle.
  3. Understand the incremental sales opportunity associated with repositioning an existing product line to a new market segment.
  4. Determine if a given investment in an all-digital media strategy would be less effective than a combination of digital and traditional media.
  5. Provide a Board of Directors with “voice of the employee” insights regarding the qualities and characteristics that employees think should be prioritized in the selection of a new CEO.
  6. Determine whether or not to abandon a new product concept prior to investing in prototype development.
  7. Quantify the impact last winter’s severe cold weather had on sales.
  8. Prioritize a list of product features desired in a next-generation industrial product.
  9. Predict which first-time customers have the strongest propensity to become repeat customers and which of three offers would increase their likelihood of repeating.
  10. Determine specific elements of a program designed to strengthen brand loyalty between a manufacturer and independent installers.
  11. Determine the optimal pricing of a product to maximize total revenue.
  12. Select a packaging design most likely to drive increases in purchases.

Are you looking for specific solutions to your business questions? Check out our Agency Solutions Guide to find a list of common business questions attached with a research solution. The language of the guide is written in the voice of an advertising agency but it is just as valuable for the client side. Grab your FREE copy!


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