Assess The Viability of a New Product Concept
(New Product Concept Testing)

Would you like to know which creative concept most effectively motivates your targeted consumers to consider your new products?


Online Concept-Development Study using Conjoint Analysis

What is Conjoint Analysis?

Conjoint Analysis is a very flexible tool that can be used in a variety of scenarios. It can be used as an online concept development and evaluation tool that, unlike traditional methods, builds concepts from the bottom-up. Conjoint analysis is a “choice” based research technique…where the respondent is asked to do what they do best…and what they do in a real purchase situation…choose.

How does Conjoint work?

Utilizing an empirical design, Conjoint analysis parses the motivational power of individual concept elements, and identifies the strongest combination of ideas, messages and/or visuals. The outcome is a statistically-reliable answer that identifies the most motivating ideas as well as the best way(s) to express those ideas.

Learn more about Conjoint Analysis (including a video explanation).

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